Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Tails of Gray! We will review your application to volunteer and will be in touch with you to discuss potential volunteer opportunities soon.

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Volunteer Application
Tails of Gray is a 501(c)(3) non-profit senior dog rescue group. We are 100% volunteer-based. We are so thankful for your help! Upon submission of this application, we will review this application and contact references. We will be in touch!

You fully understand that your services to Tails of Gray are provided strictly in a voluntary capacity, and without any express or implied promise of salary, compensation, employee benefits, or other payment of any kind whatsoever.
You fully understand that Tails of Gray expects high standards and moral and ethical treatment of senior dogs under its care. You will strictly adhere to these standards within your capacity as a volunteer.
You fully understand and agree to assume all risks involved and all duties that you perform for Tails of Gray in your volunteer capacity. You are voluntarily participating in these activities with the knowledge of the danger involved and agree to assume the risk of bodily injury and/or property damage.

You agree that: in consideration of Tails of Gray allowing your participation in this activity, under the terms set forth herein, you, for yourself and on behalf of your child or legal ward, heirs, administrators, personal representatives or assigns, do agree to hold harmless, release, and discharge Tails of Gray, its agent employees, officers, directors, representatives, assigns, members, affiliated organizations, Insurers, and others acting on its behalf of and from all claims, demands, causes of action and legal liability, whether the same be known or unknown anticipated or unanticipated, due to the Tails of Gray and or its associates ordinary negligence: and you further agree that you shall bring no claims, demands, actions and causes of action, and or litigation due to injury, including but not limited to serious bodily injury, death or property damage, sustained by you or your minor child and or legal ward in relation to the premises and operations of Tails of Gray.

VOLUNTEERS are the life blood of any rescue organization – we cannot save a single dog if we do not have a team of wonderful, caring volunteers who make many sacrifices to help us save the lives of senior dogs. One of the ways that you can help Tails of Gray save more senior dogs is through volunteering. Please help us in our efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome these precious senior dogs who deserve a second chance to be loved.