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Min Pin Mix
Neutered Male
Age: 13 years old
Size: Small
Special Needs: YES

Sammy came to us after his mom could no longer care for her due to her own health issues. It was an upsetting situation for all but she found comfort knowing that her little baby would be safe and sound with a new forever family.
Here is what is foster mom has to say about our little Sammy:
"Sammy is a sweet old man, with a little quirk. He does not like it when someone reaches out to pet or touch him. His lets you know this by giving a bark. He does like to cuddle, just on his own terms. He loves when his person lays on the floor so he can come to them for his pets. Once his person is on the floor, he will lay next to them and nuzzle, and allow petting and touching.
Oddly, he allows me to pick him up with no issues. He does not jump up on furniture, and doesn't seem to enjoy sitting on the couch with you (when he's picked up and placed up there). He will play with toys as long as you're willing to play with him.
Sammy is a Velcro dog. He wants to be near his person at all times. He likes to be right at your feet. If you get up, he will also get up to follow you. He sleeps in his open crate (in an enclosed area) through the night. He has no issues with eating and easily takes his medications twice a day in pill pockets. He is potty trained, but it took a few days for him to understand where it was, and wasn't, ok to go.
Sammy has some pain and mobility issues. A house with no stairs would most likely be best for him. The vet has him taking medications twice a day to help with pain.
He's a very good boy that seems to get along with all people and dogs. He just needs someone who understands the perils of growing old, and who's willing to take care of his medical and medication needs."