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Sammy came to us after his mom could no longer care for her due to her own health issues. It was an upsetting situation for all but she found comfort knowing that her little baby would be safe and sound with a new forever family.
Here is what is foster mom has to say about our little Sammy:
"Sammy is a loving dog who will need a special adopter. He is very particular on who he lets touch him, and when. He pretty much only lets his foster mom rub or pet him. Everyone else gets a stern hands off from him in the form of a warning bark.
Sammy has mobility issues. Slick, or uneven surfaces, can cause him to loose his footing and fall down, making in near impossible for him to get back up. He does allow almost anyone to pick him back up to get up on his feet. He also likes to lounge on the couch in the evenings to watch TV, but is unable to get up onto, or safely down from the couch. Again, he'll let almost anyone pick him up for this.
Sammy is fully potty trained and sleeps well in his open crate all night. He loves his food, and takes his medications in pill pockets like a champ. He does take a few medications for pain every day. One is by prescription and costs approx. $40 month and the other is available from Amazon and costs approx. $30 for 3 month supply.
He is currently recovering from a bacterial skin infection and requires medicated baths for this. The baths may be needed in the future to prevent it from reoccurring. He's fine in the bathtub, and seems to enjoy the shampoo being massaged in.
The sight of his harness gets him very excited, and he loves to go on short walks. He happily snoozes on a dog bed in my office while I work throughout the day. He is the 'guardian of the garden' in the backyard. Any wild animals or someone walking past our fence gets his attention."

Min Pin Mix
Neutered Male
Age: 13 years old
Size: Small
Special Needs: YES