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After a home visit is complete, the adoption can be finalized and a new happy tail can be told!

a very friendly Neutered spaniel mix estimated to be about 9 years old. Peter was transferred to us from Sage Vet Hospital after a good samaritan dropped him off. He has a positive microchip but with a disconnected number. No one came to reclaim him so he is now available to be pulled by a rescue group. He is a very friendly dog who is easy to walk on a leash and likes to play with toys. He is missing some fur on his hind likely due to flea allergy dermatitis but it is resolving. He does have severe dental disease that will need treatment. Perry is an ~11-year-old, 43-lb puggle who is looking forward to meeting his new forever family!
He is good with dogs and used to visit dog parks all the time with no issues. Our little big man will need an adult-only home, as he was abused by children in a prior home (they tied up his back legs) and he was reactive at the time (when he was 3). He can still be a little sensitive and will need a family that is cognizant of his past experience and can treat him with love and patience at all times. He loves, loves, loves his food and will do well being separated from other dogs while eating his delicious meals.
While he has a torn ACL that is non-operable, you would never know it because he gets around great and acts much younger than his age! He has a LOT of energy for an older dog - LOVES to go on walks and also to play with and chase toys. Other than his back legs and itchy skin that we are working on, he is considered to be in good health.
He’s house trained and neutered.
Perry doesn’t ask for much and promises to be a dedicated, loyal companion.
Neutered Male
Age: 11 years old
Size: Medium
Special Needs: No