Oliver is a sweet, gentle soul and we are so happy that he is safe and sound. He was found as a stray and, through his microchip, his family was contacted by the shelter. They said they no longer wanted him. Well, WE DO WANT HIM AND SO WILL YOU!!! 
He is an amazing dog!

Oliver is 90 lbs and about 10 years old. He is a playful, yet mellow, boy.

He is considered to be generally healthy, as his lab-work came back great. We are treating him for eye and ear infections (should clear up) and he received a pain injection for arthritis.

He's an active boy who loves, loves, loves to play ball. He also knows how to relax and just chill. Oliver is good with the dogs in his home pack but will require slow introductions to new dogs that he meets. He's not a dog park sort of boy, as he was likely not introduced to that experience in the past. He will do great with a backyard to play fetch in!

Oliver is a sweet, happy dog and is a joy to have around.

Labrador Mix
Neutered Male
Age: 10 years old
Size: Large
Special Needs: No

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