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Affectionately known as "The Shyles", Shawn (white stripe) and Kyle are a dad and son duo who were surrendered to a local shelter. We rescued senior Shawn and knew we couldn't leave Kyle behind. So we have ourselves a youngster!
We don't know if they were abused or under socialized, or both. Everything appeared to be brand new to them and they needed to learn how to just be dogs. They've made tremendous progress and have really settled in to being a part of the family.
Shawn is 11 years old and weighs about 14 lbs and Kyle is 4 year old and weighs about 12 lbs. They seem to be a mixture of dachshund, chi, beagle and maybe a splash of min pin.
They get along with other dogs, though may bark at bigger ones until they get used to them. Cats are too much fun to bother.
They are good with gentle teenagers.
The Shyles are a super-bonded pair and they'll need to be adopted together. They will do well in a home where they can move at a pace that's comfortable for them and we recommend an adopter who has experience with timid dogs. Once they settle in and trust, they are big cuddle monsters, love to play and are little mischief makers.

Dachshund/Beagle/Chi Mix
Neutered Males
Shawn's Age: 11 years old
Kyle's Age: 4 year old
Size: Small
Special Needs: No