Spaniel/Retriever Mix

Neutered Male
Age: 10 years old
Size: Medium
Special Needs: No

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Our dear Kuma is a special, special boy. He came to us in very bad shape but, with A LOT of love and vet care, he rebounded and is truly thriving!
He is smart as a whip, house-trained, crate-trained, can sit and shake and hold his own leash and he will do about anything for treats! Kuma is an active boy who loves to go for long walks.
Since his neutering, treatment for deeply infected ears, a much-needed dental and surgeries for (benign) tumors, he is mellower and easy going.  Vet visits are a little calmer these days! He will need to remain on medication for his allergies and his ears will require consistent cleaning to help prevent re-infection.
Due to his likely traumatic past, Kuma has shown us that he can be reactive if he gets frightened or surprised. We are looking for an experienced dog mom who is willing to continue his training, strong-minded and confident, yet patient and understanding. Ideally, it's a low traffic home with a big backyard to explore. While he can live with a well-matched dog, his resource guarding will need to be managed (it is improving!). He should not be around kids.
We think Kuma is around 10 years old and is 58 lbs.
He is a good eater and loves to sniff on his walks and will patiently sit beside you if you stop to chat with other dog parents.
Kuma is loving and affectionate and he is a good boy 95% of the time. He has a good heart and his good qualities far outweigh the not so great ones. He really just needs a chance to settle in to the right forever home with his forever momma.