Foster Application

This Foster Application is for your benefit as well as ours. The information you provide will help ensure the best match between you and a Tails of Gray foster dog. By opening your heart and home to one of our senior dogs, you are saving his or her life and providing their future family the opportunity to spend the best years of their lives with their new best friend.


By signing and submitting this foster application, I certify that all of the information I have given above is true and complete. I understand Tails of Gray can reject my application if I provide any false or misleading information in order to foster a dog. Tails of Gray reserves the right to refuse a foster application for any reason. You must be able to provide a safe, loving, stable and consistent environment for the foster dog. You must understand that while we do the best we can at matching you to the right dog, many of these dogs have endured major traumas and their temperaments may change as the dog gets more comfortable in its new environment.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: Fosters understand and agree that there are no guarantees regarding the health or temperament of the dog and agree to hold harmless Tails of Gray and all volunteers associated with the rescue organization from claims of liability for the conduct of this dog.

I also understand that I will be required to sign a Foster Agreement before a Tails of Gray dog can be placed in my home as a foster. I am in full agreement with these terms of Foster. By my submission of this application, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions of this Foster Application, as set forth above.