Even though I am in my senior years, you won’t find a gray hair on me. I am quiet, curious and enjoy my peaceful life of daily walks, yummy food and sitting on the couch. My foster mom thinks I am brave since I have endured so much loss this past year and I seem to be settling in nicely.
And you should see my engineering skills when I leap onto the couch! I sure do love those doggy beds on the couch. That’s how I show my bravery too!
I live with senior pups and we are all independent. We like it our way, so we get along just fine.
Foster mom has to keep one of the dogs away when he is done eating his meal because I like to pick up some food from my bowl and drop it near him while he is eating. It’s one of my cute quirks. (Although, it does take some managing on foster mom’s part).
I am a little over 12 years young and I weigh a little over 12 lbs.
You may want to pick me up and snuggle with me…but as I said before, I am pretty independent and I’m not much of a snuggler. And I can be a little skittish if there is too much going on at my level. While I like my space, I am enjoying sharing a dog bed with the other dogs in the house. I came from a home with another dog so I am used to having a quiet buddy around.
There are a couple of tips and tricks my foster mom will share with you so that I can continue living the dream life of a senior dog.

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DOLLYSTATUS: AVAILABLEChihuahua Mix Spayed Female Age: 12 years old Size: Small Special Needs: No