Corky is a feisty ten years young lady who enjoys sitting on the couch watching TV or in your home office while you are working. She walks well on a leash and looks forward to her daily morning walks and is very polite when meeting other dogs. Corky naps most of the day and after dinner she loves to play & run around. When it’s time for bed, she has her own dog bed but she would prefer to sleep in bed with you if allowed. 
Corky gets along with other dogs, cats & chickens but she can become jealous when her person is giving them love & attention.  Corky loves her toys but she is very protective of them. She also knows how to do tricks for treats and has the cutest little dance! She expresses herself through little sounds, playful growls when happy & showing her teeth when she feels like being left alone. 
Corky needs an owner who will respect her space when she wants it and  be assertive when she needs to be told “No”. It may take a week or two for Corky to feel secure in her new home but once she has decided you are her “person” and trust has been built she will be cuddling next to you every night. Corky is an independent doggy who has lots of love to give and she looks forward to meeting her new family. 

Chihuahua / Terrier
Spayed Female
Age: 10 years old
Size: Small
Special Needs: No

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