Interested in adopting one of our senior dogs?

It's easy! First, make note of the dog's name and then move on to the
online adoption application.

After your application is approved, we will coordinate a time for a meet and greet with you and the senior dog you are applying to adopt.

If you (and your family) and the dog are a good match for each other, a home visit is then scheduled and completed.

After a home visit is complete, the adoption can be finalized and a new happy tail can be told!

COCO (top) and FERN
Coco: Pug mix
Fern: JRT mix
Spayed Females
Age: Coco: 9 years old;
Fern: 10 years old
Size: Medium/Small
Special Needs: 50%

Cody and Molly are a sweet bonded pair who came to us after their mom passed away. They are kind, considerate and gentle little lambs.
Cody is 28 lbs (needs to lose some weight!) and Molly is 13 lbs.
They've been indoor dogs for a long time with little to no outdoor time and they're happy to enjoy the great outdoors, especially when it's sunny!
These two really are the sweetest pair of buddies they look forward to spending forever and ever together.

Cody came to us with bladder stones, had surgery and is now on a special diet to help prevent this from occurring again.

Molly and Cody are a very sweet pair who don't ask for much, just a loving, warm and cozy home where they get to enjoy indoor and outdoor sunshine time together.

CODY and MOLLY (top)
Cody: Miniature Poodle mix
Molly: Maltese mix
Cody: Neutered Male
Molly: Spayed Female
Age: Cody: 17 years old;
Molly: 18 years old
Size: Medium/Small
Special Needs: Yes