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Little Please meet Benny!! He needs a special friend that can keep him on his road to recovery and trust. 
Benny came to us as a stray. When he arrived, he was quite a neglected mess. He has since rallied from being a sick and frightened guy who had rotten teeth, a sinus infection and bilateral ear infections to a thriving little man. He has gained weight from the 2 pounds when he arrived and is now up to a whopping 9 pounds.
At first, Benny had major trust issues. He would growl at us to the point where you had to approach with caution. Today Benny barks for attention. When approached in a calm voice he loves to be petted. When you pick him up, he will have a small fit due to fright yet, once you get him up, he is quiet as a mouse.
Benny loves to go on walks but always must be on leash because otherwise he will just keep on walking. Also, a gated yard is a must because if he gets out, he will be walking, and you will be running.
Benny has come a long way from being sick and frightened. He is your typical older dog who sleeps a bit. He loves sleeping on the porch dog bed on nice days.
For the most part he is trained to do his business outside. However, he does have some accidents. Mostly because when he wakes he is silent.
If you are a person who can be patient, we know that you will have a good friend. Not one who will chase the ball and play with toys or be a dog park dog. Benny just wants someone to be there and understand him.
So, if you are a person who would enjoy having a loving friend and you’re patient enough to have him trust and love again, you are the very person Benny needs.   

Chihuahua Mix
Neutered Male
Age: 11
Size: Small
Special Needs: No