Our dear little Cookie. This little girl has not had a very good life but we are determined to change it all around for her. She was neglected to the point where her body severely suffered but she's made significant progress in her foster home. She will never be all okay physically and will always need meds to manage possible pain - but she is a charming girl who deserves to live out her life surrounded by love for as long as she has quality of life. We are hopeful and believe this will be a very long time!!
Cookie will need a special home where she can move at her own pace, physically and emotionally. It will take her time to settle in and trust her new parent(s), but she will. She has been to a canine rehab center and we've just started her on water therapy (in the bathtub with a life vest). It should help her mobility, at least is worth a good try.
She is about 11 years old and weighs 9 lbs. So quite light and easy to carry around! She gets along with other dogs and probably cats, too.

Cookie has recently discovered toys and loves to go pick out her favorite from the box and play in her bed with it. There is almost nothing sweeter than seeing this little girl be so happy.

We are looking for a special forever home where Cookie can continue to receive the TLC she's been provided with by her foster momma. She is the kind of dog who just really, really needs a person who will give her a chance. The reward is golden.

Age: 11 years old
Size: Small
Special Needs: Yes

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